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Our Mission:

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with us as we unveil a virtual platform dedicated to igniting your passion for addressing climate change. This space is designed to empower and unite women from all corners of the globe who share deep concerns about the environmental challenges we face. Together, we can make a significant impact and strive for a sustainable future.


Are you ready to take action?

We believe in the power of collective action. Join us in organizing strikes, demonstrations, and rallies to demand political and corporate accountability for climate justice. Through peaceful protests and displays of solidarity, we aim to send a clear message that the time for change is now. 

Connect with like-minded individuals, activists, and organizations through our community forums and social media channels. Share your stories, experiences, and ideas to foster a supportive network of change-makers who are working towards a common goal.


To Save the World

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Are you ready to take action? Here's how you can get involved:


Join a Local Strike: Find information about upcoming strikes in your area and stand with women demanding climate justice.


Spread Awareness: Share our content on social media, engage in conversations with your community, and raise awareness about the pressing issues we face


Support our Cause: Donate to the Women's Climate Strike to help us organize events, create educational resources, and amplify our collective voice

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We invite you to join the Women’s Climate Strike Organizing Team and contribute your skills, enthusiasm, and commitment to our noble cause. Get in Touch Today!


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Remember, the time to act is now. Let’s come together, unite our voices, and work towards a sustainable future. Join the Women’s Climate Strike today!